A fresh approach to learning and development

We love learning

... but we don't like boring. 

In our world, learning is fun and engaging. It's a place where you can be professional, while still having fun and letting your organization's personality shine through. 

We like personalization when it makes sense.

We like badges and game design when they make sense. 

We like videos when you can find what you need quickly.

Ultimately, we believe that human connection drives learning. 

But how do you do that in a (mostly) virtual space?

I could keep talking (I studied English and minored in creative writing), but one of the most important things you learn in storytelling is "Show, don't tell." 

So I'd love to show you.

Click the link below to request access to my courses. It's way cooler than an online portfolio. 


Get Inspired

There's something for everyone

What we do

We design adult learning experiences for the corporate space.

Instructional Design

Life isn't one size fits all. Your learning shouldn't be, either. 

Adaptive modules that ask questions up-front , respecting adult learners' time by serving up  the content they actually need. 

Creative Just-in-time training using chat, bots, interactive web-based call flows and bookmarked videos.  

Chose you own adventure style learning that allows participants to learn safely while experiencing consequences. No more predictable scenarios that feel like a waste of time!

Content Strategy

Stuck in the past?  

Whether you're taking your training from in-person to a virtual setting, or just looking to revamp outdated training, we can help. 

We can explore the curriculum itself and suggest ways to minimize "classroom" time, front-loading information when it makes sense to do so, using eLearning courses when appropriate, and maximizing virtual meetings with inquiry-based, hands-on learning that drives the application of skills.  

We can help rework your agendas, polish up those outdated PowerPoint presentations, and update your facilitator guides too! 

Change Management

Build excitement to drive adoption.

Now that you have a shiny new course, or program, or VILT session, or LMS, or LXP....it's time to spread the word. 

We can help you develop a communication strategy and include sizzle content to build interest and drive adoption. 

We have recent experience with global change communication, too. 

Enterprise Software 

Hands-on learning at it's finest. 

We've created simulations and video learning series to help learners with the following enterprise software:








Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, O365

... and many more!





Give people the welcome they deserve.

We can streamline your onboarding process using automated, preconfigured emails tailor-made for your organization. 

And when the paperwork is done, you can provide your new employees with a first-class orientation that  they can  attend when and how they  chose, from the comfort of their own home. 


That doesn't suck. Seriously.

 If you're a small business, just purchase our awesome compliance courses and we'll rebrand it for you (and do the research to make sure the legal mumbo-jumbo is there for your specific type of business). 

Train the Trainer

Skill your trainers for engagement.

Are you making the switch to (mostly) virtual live training? Do you need to hire/upskill trainers in a hurry? In a VILT environment, spark is everything! I've worked with companies like Apple, HSN and Intuit, and I've made a lot of mistakes. Your team can learn from them. 

Techincal Writing

Intuitive and easy to find

We've all been there. The instruction manual that leaves you scratching your head (or arguing with your partner). Pictures so small they might as well not  take up space on the page. Incomplete information. And that's if you even find what you're looking for. 

We won't do that to you or your people. Promise. 

Essential Skills

Please, don't call them soft skills. 

They're harder than you think. And even more tricky to master. If you have inbound support, use our 20+ years of experience to connect with your customers in meaningful ways.

Meet April 

Figured I'd save you a scroll back up.

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E-mail: april@aprilshowerslearning.com

We're located in the Greater Atlanta Area...but location ain't nothin' but an ethernet cord to us. 

Did you click the button to gain instant access to my online courses? It's free, I won't sell your information, and you just might stumble onto something really cool.   Cheers!

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